Google revealed 3 signals ranked their most important

We listened to the RankBrain, an intelligent self learning algorithm of Google, is “an important ranking signals, third in the ranking of search results” and it looks like we have also confirmed two of the most important things.

In the FAQ section of Lipattsev, Andrey with WebPromo placement in Search Quality Senior Strategist of Google Ireland, Ammon Johns SEO experts have asked Lipattse that does know always 2 most important ranking signal any better for people not to.

And Marvel instead, Andrey Lipattsev reply …

“It is the content and links pointing back to your website”

That’s it.

I think the most surprising thing about the answer of Lipattsev is real. Here is an answer without hesitation, it’s like, “you know them already.” And the truth is, we already know. This is great because it’s such a confirmation.

Ammon Johns continues to ask, “So their order?” then the answer is “not at all”.

And although we believe that RankBrain is an important ranking signals Tuesday, the Liplattsev revealed that the third position is a “scramble”. I think you should read the following answer paragraph carefully and do not believe in it too.

“If you look at the search results, then open the debug tool to see what’s charged out to this results the basic stuff will appear regularly. The important elements of the algorithm will appear, at least in some cases. If you do this you can see some elements of RankBrain are integrated into “.


“It’s not as simple as the type 3 links as” X 5 “and there importance tag is” RankBrain “and the importance of health is” Z “key then multiply them together. This is not the way that they work ”

Google always try to understand better the common language and the meaning behind the phrase search, in the inception phase of their learning algorithm.

Lipattsev also said that although it is difficult for Google may conclude that the phrases are recorded from the mobile and desktop are dropped, the voice Search will be increasingly more important.Google just hopes this will reduce the user appliances keywords.

Before you type in your search terms, we usually ask themselves that “the phrase would not resemble normal human language that machines can understand”. It is time that we should stop doing this and let the machines can learn as well as familiarity with the language we normally use.

Google wants to support those new internet users, the first-person experience on mobile, who have never had the approach of machinery with the search engines as we are.

With Google, it is the future of search.

At this point, it is true that link and content will keep you on top of the SERPs, but with self learning machines are growing rapidly and learn to be the best way to get the best search results, most natural, surely the intention search engine will be the most important thing.

Take a look at the video, the one below. Here is the video or to watch, it also Rand Fishkin from Moz, Eric Enge from Stone Temple Consulting and Bill Slawski from Go Fish. Important information to the paragraph from the 30th minute.

Tips SEO provider filtering shoddy

Currently SEO are beams, preteen, Internet market as at the more fertile. This is the time, the enterprise began to share the cake pieces together at bu this Internet.

You are one of them? You are looking for SEO services provider for its products. Nha Trang below Dev share the experiences from itself by Unveiling & is compiled from the magazine world’s largest SEO Search Engine Land (

1. Less investment, duplicate content

No need to go far at all, I have witnessed the 1 site about electronics (electric lamps, electric lamps, garden …). They have a lot of products. Except for the size, voltage, power consumption, the other contents are exactly the same.

Obviously, this is not good SEO work. Google will underestimate your website, or even when the number of poor quality content, duplicate too much, forced Google penalize your website. If you see the unit’s customer website SEO has poor content, duplicate, you should not select that provider!
2. Only investing content on blogs, news

A Web page, there are many possible can invest, content strategy. If the entire unit’s SEO strategy is: “daily posted news on the blog regularly as being”, then this is 1 unit of poor SEO. Update information for Blog is essential for every website, but this work is only 1 very small branches in all 1 website.

3. Commit to low bounce rate

In my personal page, bounce rate is UNDER 1%, Admin and Smod SEOMXH can testify I never lie.But remember, this is my personal page. And I’ve used a few tricks to reduce this number down to personal purposes.

If SEO unit would promise you that will lower your bounce rate down significantly, you should consider and ask for a clear presentation of the plan, the work that they do. To make sure that that number is truly reflect your website page.

4. Commit to have high ranking

I’m not too focused on the SEO up TOP or not, what’s important is to have picked up more money before doing SEO or not. You are the new brands for so you must need SEO, and this is the truth:

“No one can guarantee tag reached high rank.”

So, if the SEO provider would stayed up TOP on demand, RUN AWAY!!!
The lies of SEO
Carefully before signing the contract with SEO

5. cheap SEO

SEO is a process. Is in need of a number of people sit on the computer and plying hard with 1-3 jobs.SEO takes time, extremely patient and calm. SEO need gray matter a lot to analyze opponents, keyword analysis, strategic analysis.

So, if your SEO projects being the incredibly low pricing unit, then you should consider the quality of the SEO provider. This is a bad sign for you.

6. Claim the cost of installing SEO

SEO does not have installed, such as article 5 above, then SEO is a chain of processes to apply the techniques.

Install SEO, can install tracking tools, metrics, stats, or something to support SEO. And that is the work that the people who do SEO MUST DO. And not require this fee here!

7. No right to monitor statistics

If your provider is to create 1 account Google Analytics for your site, but does not give you access to view, you need to run real fast like has never been run. There is no reason may refuse the website owner knows the statistics of your website. You think this never happens? Yes, this is real, and so much is happening in this world.

On the other hand, if you do not require statistical data analysis, SEO service provider also does not send your report, then you also run as has never been run. Can you very busy or you don’t know should you ignore this detail, but the statistics are extremely important, it will help you, the leader each Department has a strategy to improve the situation of your website, company, products, services.

8. No monthly report

SEO service provider must provide monthly reports, this is professional ethics. I have met and exchanged with clients using SEO services by SEO providers, they say just get quarterly reports. And finally, they do not pay attention to these reports, and the numbers in that regard as important … pointless.

There are also many told me that SEO reports, just the keyword ranking report. Currently, the high ranking keywords don’t matter anymore, it’s almost worthless. Successful SEO strategy is not based on keyword ranking, which is based on the improvement of the index, increased traffic, passengers back to increase new customers, increase, time on page, and increase the stability index over time.

Above are the SEO work lacks the “German mind” that I have witnessed in the past year. And I also want to hear, share from you. If you have a pressing story, angry, inhibited about SEO units, please share

13 tips Youtube SEO Secrets

The following are the 13 best Youtube SEO Secrets:

First: what is a Youtube video SEO?

From this SEO you’ve heard of going to hear back with sure did understand the nature of it. SEO videos on Youtube means you make your video has a high ranking when users search on Youtube and on Google.

YouTube is the world’s largest search engine with Google, Bing, Yahoo so it has the algorithm to rank your videos that you don’t know. It is the only one so can’t know your video content is something the whole video though you or better others but not optimum good will relegated than people.

Youtube video SEO issues in General and in particular SEO website has 2 great content. And you applied as SEO website on Google (see section SEOWebsite of Chapter 4 and Chapter 5)

+ 1: the optimization ONPAGE

+ Monday: OFFPAGE optimization

Youtube SEO secrets up TOP Google
So simple and easy to understand, we together do the work from when creating video, until the finished publishing videos on Youtube.

Be prepared with the highest quality video

According to the trend of technology, improved internet, everyone enjoys watching the video “strokes” i.e. in HD format. And of course Youtube also likes that, candidly, they reduce the range of low-quality video, to provide the best experience for users.

Please leave a comment below about your case, if you want to know how to videos in HD quality and lowest capacity.

You make your videos in HD quality, highest resolution, and how the amount as low as possible.

Please note: in addition to providing quality HD picture you should also have a clear sound transmission.

Please name the file in your computer that contains the keyword

YouTube has a saved file name, this is also the 1 elements rated video, it’s like your SEO image, you should put your file name contains keywords.

Such as: len-top-youtube.mp4 or bi-quyet-seo-youtube-hieu-qua.mp4

Before uploads a video check 2 factors:

+ HD quality

+ File name contains keywords that need SEO

Video title contains keywords

Of course, your video teaches how to fry the egg in the fried eggs, not from the title it seems unreasonable. The short title should to in about 7-10 from just as possible when the most recent title for the article while SEO Website.

Clear video description

The description below the title should clearly, and in relation to the title, containing the keyword will be the best thing. About 156 characters (40-50 words) should contain the keywords you need SEO.

Related keywords

Choose relevant keywords good keywords, each should have a length of 2-3 words should not to tag only 1 word or too long. Should not insert these words too general as or, HOT, TOP, …

You can insert unlimited from but in the contents 1 video about 3-7% of the keywords is the best thing.

Please note: tag also decided to show ads, and video related.

Select the appropriate content category

If the keyword is considered the child category, then select the appropriate category for your video, though that this does not affect many SEO. But can avoid being deleted the video because of abuse, or the wrong topic.

The view settings

Of course you need to video everyone can see, so the search engines can index your videos are the best. This is the default part of Youtube, however occasionally we lock our video.

Add caption

Add captions to a video, the tag is also good for SEO, search engines can read Youtube’s annotations.Adding references is quite easy and also not lose too much time.

Please note, if the annotations are the links between this video and other videos, this is good for SEO and for your channel.

Add subtitles to videos

If you have a subtitle file you should add on, if not, you can manually create the file captions and subtitles. YouTube or Google were reading this file. If difficult, you can leave a question in the comment section below.

Choose your geographic location

YouTube have asked you this video? In the advanced settings section, this good have great influence on the show related videos, and ads, it’s like you add keywords.

Submit videos on the search engine (see Chapter 5)

Create the links on video

+ Build develop votes (like video)

+ Video comment (especially vote according to the SEO perspective)

+ Proposed his video in the famous video with the same theme.

+ Increase the ratio of click in search (CTR)

What factors affect the ranking

+ Age + credibility of the account

+ Thumbnail, the ratio of 4:3 is the standard

+ Also, the angle brand identity can not consider:

+ Video content needs to have the Logo, website address into the location of the start and end of the video.

5 Rules for Brand building

1) be yourself, don’t turn you into a pattern. You can only become yourself, or no one.

2) Be consistent from appearance to the value, your post and how to help other people easily remember and know who you are.

3) define for itself a separate identifiable characteristics, and tied it with an associated value that you can bring. Like a pig Earth, “there are slots have money”. TAKE TURNS INTO A PIG.

4) share knowledge and skills you have to prove yourself as an expert, or at least a person who has a strong knowledge in the areas that you are looking to build a personal brand.

5) choose the correct target groups to express themselves. Do not bring a beautiful Lotus Flower through seduce those who love dogs

5 tips for SEO up top 2016

Social networks will be increasingly important to increase the ratio of show

At present, social media are a location less important in directly influence search engine rankings, even though its role seems quite significant when indirect impacts.

Good signal from social networks (e.g. share or interact with the brand) can get you higher rankings, but most of the social networking platform allows you to have a wonderful channel to get the traffic on the website. However, Google and the other search engines are actively seeking to contact the post on social media. For example, the Tweet on Twitter are being integrated directly into the search results.

By this trend will continue in the year 2016, so post often on social networks will increase the ratio to be shown, although it does not directly affect the ranking.

“Focus on desktop” will start a recession

In the year 2015, traffic from mobile has more from desktop, and Google released updated Mobilegeddon to remove the mobile friendly site not out. 2015 is the year that mobile is becoming dominated by traffic of the website and 2016 will witness its continued growth.

Google’s John Mueller said this year’s, the only mobile page (the page that doesn’t have desktop interface) will not suffer any penalty.
Google has done many things and just yet cause we cease to focus on desktop when doing SEO, and you also should move gradually in the year 2016.

The article only contains news will disappear

Content is only given basic information will have no place to stand. This is because content on the network is increasingly saturated, and by new technologies that are being developed as Google Knowledge Graph or Cortana.

Virtual Assistants and the new algorithm allows the user to get information even when they are not on site. Instead of trying to write the basic information, choose for themselves the niche topic.

External link will change

External link has reduced the importance of it in 3 years, but have had the tendency to build new links. Refer to the brand, without putting into link clearly, and the review off-site could become a new form of the building authority for the website.

The new format of having both link building but link to topics in the app will develop more in 2016.

Local SEO will grow more

The year 2010 saw the local SEO 3-pack, but by the development of the wrist device, the operation of local businesses and the tendency to the needs of users, we will witness many changes in local SEO more in 2016.

Reviews will be increasingly important geo-targeted search and will increasingly, serve smaller communities instead of the city or the region.

What will not change?

We have seen the whole of the SEO trend will change in the years to come, and I will focus on things.I believe that the best tricks will live with time, or at least survive a few more years.

Let the tricks become elements you concentrate on in 2016 because it doesn’t currently been what influenced his importance:

-Content is king. Although the form of content contains only information will have to disappear by the virtual assistant, the content is good. Users need to have the testimonials, entertaining value, character and it will be the things you need to focus on.

-Optimized on-site still have to serve the user experience. A number of factors on-site or important is gradually faded. For example, safety on the page will be increasingly more important in 2016. But in the end, the optimal on-site still focus on the user experience. If you change the site copy for faster, more secure, easier to use, it’s certainly good for SEO (and if not then at least it will increase the conversion rate).

-Build credibility remain work done off-site. To build a reputation, you still need the signal off-site as backlink, signal social and review.

As I said above, external links will grow more with the brand mentions, off-site listing and reviews from users. The more things you can use to build credibility as well.

Obviously, there are many other tricks that you consider when building out your SEO strategy but this will help you understand his main priority. There are no precise ratio of the prediction by the old trend is definitely not built for future trends.

Only one thing is sure, SEO in 2016 will not resemble the 2015. Technology, systems, trends change so quickly to support the target or your tips in a long time.

Featured in your industry please and try to adapt to new things. As long as you also keep up the pace of development, you will not loose behind the competition.

The key index of the web

1. PR-Page Rank measure of gold and now no longer public

What is PR? Or what is Page Rank

PR is a measurable indicator put out by Google, is one method of determining the relevance or importance of a web page.

PR is assessed according to a scale from 0 to 10. There is also a kind of call is not defined PR that the measuring tool is the “?” or n/a. When a newly created website with all new domain, without the involvement of any other engineering, PR index is always 0.

The page rank is important, influence the score the higher PR. PR is determined based on the links on your website also known as Backlinks. So the more the quality link (or fake says spamer brothers way, the more the backlinks), the higher the PR indicator, the Website becomes more important, and naturally everything will be as top priority of tag, speed index …

Google has stopped updating the PR from the end of 2013, and up to the present, according to the latest information, Google will not publish PR out, which only those in Google’s new team know. In other words, from now on you will not be able to know the index of the website PR is how much anymore.

This may sound disastrous when pretty much SEO familiar with this index, but really personal Google under the chicken, just the’m effort in removing the spam situation, a race of pure Spam which originated none other is when they launched the PR indicator to assess the quality of the website.

Read more: Google confirmed the complete removal of the Toolbar PageRank

2. The indicators measure from Moz

Moz has a bunch of indicators, but in the category of this article we will talk to the 2 indicators are the most interested in SEO: PA and DA. To be able to get this number only tracking you can use the right plugin or extension Moz Tool Bar for your browser.

The new website has just created with completely new domain, without the involvement of any other techniques, have SKIN index, is 1.

What is a PA? Or the Page what is Authority?

PA stands for Moz Page Authority is the index developed by moz ( is a data to predict traffic rankings visit and natural search engine ranking of a page. The PA index was evaluated based on a scale from 0 to 100 and most of the measurement tool using the API of Moz are rounded according to the odd numbers. For example: 27.17, or completely rounded like Moz for example 27. The higher the PA index delegates that site as well. PA can be translated as the authority of the page, like the type of game you play the score the points that player J

The PA index similar PR, it is based on data on the number and quality of Backlinks. Although not exactly the algorithm would operate to determine the PA but in summary the Backlinks are key elements to promote PA.

So to the high PA naturally, indicators of the number and nature luognự Backlink is important. That’s how to have a high read below, PA how to do the same.

What is a SKIN? Or what is the Authority Domain

The SKIN is an abbreviation of the phrase Moz Domain Authority, is the index used to evaluate visitor ranking and search of a website.

Similar to PA, DA dots according to a scale from 0 to 100. But other PA dot points just for 1 specific site, the skin is both ranking dot point website (or the entire Domain).

The SKIN will be determined based on these factors is of the entire PA, together with the index of the highest domain backlinks.

So the way to increase the main PA is constructing more quality Backlinks, and of course can also apply as spam links from many, many different url domain, or casual words of Chicken like seo Spam link dead motherfucker go to DA truth.
Bonus: how to write quality content

3. Majestic SEO

The majestic is one of the measuring apparatus and the largest in the world. With the ability to continuously updated throughout the day, Majestic brings the quality metric, details on the indicators build the link for those who work in the field of search engine marketing. The two most prominent indicators of Majestic that you should care is that Trust Flow (TF) and Citiation Flow (CF).

To get two, you need to download the extension Majestic Backlinks Analyzer. This is an index value for infinity reference in evaluating the quality of a URL you want to link.

Trust Flow?

Trust Flow or we called TF is an indicator evaluating the reliability of a page based on the overall quality of the backlinks.

Citiation Flow?

Citiation Flow referred to as the CF evaluate the credibility, influence of a specific page (URL) based on the number of backlinks from other sites.

So, the more the backlinks, the CF will index as high.

Can you also heard of 1 is the index of Topical Trust Flow (TTF). This is the index based on the assessment of the quality and relevance of each page with the grading it with the same content categories. Of course the score also is counted from 0-100. This index will help users find

5 campaign email marketing with VSmail

5 Email marketing messages-VSmail

If there is an Email list with 10000 Emails you would do and build content to send 10000 people how, the message is sent to the client, and how does the reader understand your message but also ready to act?

An Email campaign will not succeed if we do not identify the following elements, Please read the following articles will show me the overview of Email messages in a campaign Email and see how to create Email marketing?
The Email can have different content but it can be summed up in 5 the following message

Campaign Email Marketing

Campaign Email Marketing

1. Get to know: simple, little information, given the basic elements that help to identify the product, the brand. This action does not bring the effective sales, profits immediately, but long-term will help you grow.

2. Consider: giving more information to the reader pondering your purchase or trial products. You can take out multiple ways to recipients obtained information the way they want to.

3. Action: call for action from the client side, this kind of email does not need to give out more information like email considerations. you need to know where is the right time to put out this message, it is important that you need to avoid sending to a recipient who is not yet ready for purchase

4. Use the product: Send to those who have to purchase the product user guide, find out their satisfaction, suggestions on related products. One of the main purposes of this message is to help your customers feel they are interested, care, from which the relationship becomes stronger

5. Loyalty: Keeping the image of the product, the brand in the minds of customers. Build relationships with clients to impact shopping behaviour in the future.

each time we will have different email messages, hit the right audience to different clients, only when you determine the correct client object then you will choose the correct email messages at your email marketing campaigns that will really be effective You can also ask a company specializing in Email marketing services to advise and support you as Vsmail Business Email to reach high efficiency in work

Solutions to overcome accidents click google AdWords virtual

I’m writing this article because of the fact that the “accident click Google advertising in virtual” are on the rise. This is based on the reflection of many customers, students and the community.

Himself used the word “click” because people like to call it like that, but read the article you will see it is not purely virtual “click”
In this article will be sorting out the parts as follows
Classification of “click”
Reality and virtual “happenings” click “in Vietnam.
Limiting “click”
Before reading, I have a question:

If your business was in serious decline because of “click” then you have a serious problem than “virtual ‘ click: you and your business depend on Google’s” truth “. According to her this far more seriously.
Look, it looks like only a handful of people, in which you are interested in “click”, very few people go to learn about these issues.

Solution for virtual click GG ads

Solution for virtual click GG ads

the idea of prison.
1. the classification of “click”

Type 1: “Click” is real

Google calls it the invalid clicks. You can check them as the following image in the campaign level (actually if you do not understand how that image then you should go to school 1 tags rather than find out is far more costly to understand correctly on AdWords)

the ad campaign.
Data will look like this:

advertising metrics.
If invalid clicks rate greater than 5%, then you probably have your industry who deliberately harm each other by clicking for the opponent.

(Note: these statistics have been removed and Google does not charge)

They usually are:

Someone click on the ads, sometimes is unfortunately rather than intentionally.
The opponent deliberately click many times. This Google does not explain, I thought to avoid the Creek law can infer is 1 IP address click several times a day or click done on the website and out right away without a client-like behavior typically (read more, surf more mouse).
Auto mouse click on the banner to increase profits from Adsense ads (banner), this problem is not related to search advertising.
Use the software (this is the most serious problem now, some of the software used in Vietnam, Vietnam by unknown make or buy from abroad, are past. Typically, Google soon discover and handle the type of software)
The advertisers click to increase the CTR (this rarely we do!).
One person was hired to click
A group gathered together to click
Virus-infected computers control to click
Type 2: imagine yourself only.

If the test as above with no significant number of invalid clicks, there are 2 reasons:

Can not filter by Google, the software “genuine” is true that recent past is Google in the short term, so should check for invalid click data in less time as 7 days, on 1 2 not enough data in the statistical sense.
In fact, no invalid clicks, all because of you “imagine” out. So when prompted to, I always write “Click” in quotes, because Google doesn’t have this term (Click truth but accidentally click the wrong two times, then Google is still kind of out there, not just click New deliberately category) and most of them do we blame others deliberately clicking your ads when business performance was declining. We ALWAYS BLAME OTHERS
AdWords Click data comparison and Session Analytics’s view there are significant disparities would not. It is difficult to say more or less session session is the consequence of the opponent, but the big difference click is a sign that the anomaly. (Suppose to be the big difference, the issue will be more complicated because you have to find the cause of this, not at all it is because click from where opponents)
You need to link your AdWords and Analytics accounts or use UTM to exact measurements of data traffic from Google AdWords.

Assuming everything is normal, then 99% of the decline effect is not due to the opponent deliberately click (Do you imagine only).

2. Status and “click” in Vietnam

Statistics on the number of 2000 accounts in two years shows the overview perspective:
Statistically invalid clicks and invalid clicks rate in almost 2 years:
the click rate.
Statistically invalid clicks and invalid clicks rate 6 months:
invalid clicks.
So the ratio of clicks varies from about 10% to about 27%, the Middle figure is 20%. This statistic does not completely represent Vietnam by SEONgon has some very big clients in some particular sectors have invalid clicks rate pretty high. On average there are acceptable in each sector is approximately 10%.

(The second picture has low top piece, I think due to the influence of the lunar new year)

“Click” statistics for the keyword rankings:

Click Virtual.

The ratio of “click” the majority from 10%-20% (as the above statistics have pointed out)
“Click” below 10%: keyword focus

5 tips on AdWords help increase work efficiency and save time

To be able to better understand your AdWords data, Mr.Jared Del Prete suggested opening the 5 column in AdWords are hidden by default.

We can call them the jewel, the truly useful column of AdWords tools are not displayed by default in the data table. Whether in any case the 5 hidden column can also help you do Adwords save time, increase conversion ratios and win before the competition.

5 tips for google adwords

5 tips for google adwords

A good thing that this column gives the person using it is all accounts can open it up, no need to update or install anything. You only need to sign in to your Adwords account, open the view campaigns, keyword or group of keywords and then insert this into the column.

1. Click-Assisted Conversions


The majority who do your adwords ads will stop, delete or reduce the budget for the keyword does not get direct conversion (last-click conversions), but the columns click-assisted conversions allow you see are the keywords that have influenced how the panorama to your campaign.

Look beyond the direct conversion of which keywords bring, this column of data click leads to the road leading to the buyer complete a conversion. These numbers are fairly large impact to the operation by about 15-60% conversion need more than just an interaction from the buyer.

The example below shows, there are 647 gclick switch-assisted conversions and 2272 direct conversion. That means more than 28% conversion must have more than 1 weekly interact over on the search results page


Using Click metrics-assisted conversions to:

-Reviews the performance of the keyword at least convert (direct) before change campaign: bid, suspended, canceled …
-Increase the budget for these keywords have high indirect conversion ratio, which can increase the amount of campaign conversions.

2. The ratio of Click-Assisted Conversions on Last-click Conversions


After can along the column data to be Click-assisted conversions, this column can help you quickly see where is the keywords bring the most indirect conversion throughout the transition.

So what can you do?

The larger the number one will shows have more indirect than direct conversion. You sort this column from high to low and easy to find out where is from indirect double switch. According to what was mentioned above, the increase in the budget for these keywords can increase the conversion rate of the entire campaign.


3. Search Impression Share


Frequency of appearance of ads on the search network depends on the budget, the State, the amount of the auction, the point, the setup select target audience (targeting) and competition from rivals.Add to this column “Search Impression Share” can help you with statistical indicators on a single parameter. Competition data is retrieved from the percentage of ad impressions of impressions.

This metric is useful to find out the quick keyword, the group from, the campaign would not create weekly show, click more for which it can generate. When did see not good, you can look forward to metrics such as money transfers, budget on average, point average to have the operation.

Impression Share metrics is good?

To create the competition, those who do often desire to adwords ads displayed on the 65% of the time the tag has no brand name, 80% for the tag that contains the name of the brand.

4. Quality Score


Quality Score has been present for many years but Google does for it show the default in adwords.Open this column lets you see why “Search Impression Share” or why the average ranking of keyword advertising is not on the top of the search results page.

Quality parameters of how the Score is good?

This topic has been debated through many studies and much discussion. In the end many people agree initiative is the Quality Score in 6 or more is good, then your campaign has the competitive advantage of the CPC, the price tag and the location of the tag.

5. Estimated Top Page Bid


The fifth column is hidden have major value in the adjustment and optimization of the parameters, especially when you manually adjust the bid. In other words, how do you know you will need to do to is in the top three when the Ad auction?

This column describes the average amount for the top position when you ad auction. By using this parameter, you can bid higher or lower than a little bit to make sure the keywords in the most competitive position as you desire.

The conclusion

Despite increasing Adwords campaign metrics show, click, conversions, but you always remember the additional columns of this data are hidden away.

You can easily open this data out and have a range of new ideas, simply by inserting more columns in the report results. As an example for you to consider, I am very happy to share the columns that I often used to measure the keyword, they helped me save time bidding, help find the group, tag

7 mistakes businesses make with Google Adwords

7 mistakes businesses make with Google Adwords

You’d like to get a paid traffic is abundant for your website? It is absolutely the right thing by before the context of turbulence in the world of online today, creating a marketing campaign by the method of bringing the brand message direct to your target audience through the paid advertising is a method of incredibly amazing. And you will see that Google Adwords is a service that is very easy to start as well as fast on the approach towards management.

I will share these things with you right now

However, not because it’s easy to start that you can immediately gain satisfactory return on investment (ROI) with this service.
Many CPC ads all begin with good ideas but lack the cough experienced when applying them to each ad campaign. The result is they made the mistake of downright popular, do harm to the profitability of the campaign and did not exert maximum capacity of that campaign. If you start a campaign on the station with the result very faint, try soaking the mistakes and the solutions that we will share the right here to can improve your ROI on PPC:

1. Target the keywords too broad

If you’re a new advertiser start then surely you will not able to participate in the auction of the broad keywords like “shoes”. Even if you can then you will have to pay a price very very high compared to the real profit you will gain.
Instead, start your AdWords campaigns with groups from five to 10 long tail keywords-keywords that priorities you have statistics in Google Analytics or Google WT. extended Only to your campaign to the wider keyword when you can prove the opportunity get ROI with the query at this level.

2. Put too many keywords in an ad group

Review about a most ideal aspect for the ad campaign, you will need to create the page landing page and PPC advertising “toxic” for each keyword that you want to target. Thus the experience of your users also are aiming correctly. However, because no one had too much time to do so for each keyword, so please link the group from 5-10 keywords to start again as mentioned above. With this, you will prevent cramming too many unrelated words and phrases in the same Ads or landing page.

3. Run the ads on the campaign type “search network has selected show”

Google tries to promote the combination between different campaign types, but the fact is that search and display Adwords formats always entail the different advertising approaches. Always focus on search, display or both, but be sure that you’re applying the industry standard methods for each type of operation.



4. Bring traffic directly to your home page

Each weekly visitors that you hold through the PPC ad should be to redirect them to the page the landing page has been incredibly eye-catching designs and interact correctly with the needs of your visitors. If you simply take the number of visitors through ads to the home page only, you can’t give them the information they want to search. This leads to increased Bounce Rate and Miss conversion opportunities as well as increase the high advertising fees are not needed.
What this means is that you have to put a little more effort to design and customize the landing page for PPC campaigns, but the result will bring extremely worthy of the effort. Tools like Unbounce or Leadpages can will help this process.

5. Do not insert the negative keyword to keywords

Assuming you are running a website that sell the products as footwear for women. Depending on the type of match you use keywords for PPC campaigns, “women’s shoes” will show the phrase from “Designing women’s shoes” to “women’s shoes on the cheap”.
Because each weekly click also burned the money you spent to add the word “cheap” for the phrase “women’s shoes” will help you avoid having these guys just love to ask the price.

6. Do not rotate evenly for showing ads variation

If you create more than one ad variations (which you should create, for the purpose of testing A/B), then Google will serve the default maximum for the ad that believes that it will work better more often. While this may help your overall campaign ROI, but doesn’t give you a test evenly divided because of the frequency of oscillating screen your ad is not even.

So this does not happen, first, go to “Settings” of your AdWords account, then click on the “Advanced Settings”. There, you will find four ad rotation options, namely: “optimize for clicks”, “optimize for conversion,” “uniform rotation” and “turnaround-time”. Select and the “turnaround-time” to keep your data always neat.

7. Do not measure ROI

If you are running an Adwords campaign without the measurement to determine your click numbers are converted to how many customer